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We provide experienced Family Law legal counsel to suit your individual needs — from aggressive divorce litigation to collaboration or peaceful mediation. Located in beautiful Chino Hills, California and proudly offer fine legal services in divorce litigation, legal separation, collaborative divorce, mediation, child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, alimony, paternity, restraining orders, adoptions, guardianships, and all matters of family law. We specialize in serving the needs of residents in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont, Diamond Bar, Pasadena, Pomona, Orange, Riverside, Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley areas. Our attorneys are experienced in the Los Angeles Courts, San Bernardino Court, Rancho Cucamonga Court, Orange County Court and Riverside Courts.

The Importance Of An Attorney In A Family Law Case

I know that I have touched upon this issue in the past, however I am constantly reminded of it, and especially so in a case which was recently referred to my office. The issue - Does a person really need an attorney to represent them in a dissolution proceeding?

I can't say loudly and often enough, that when the custody of children are at issue, you definitely need an attorney. What you "save" in the beginning by not having an attorney will ultimately cost you in the end. And, the cost will not be negligible. Ultimately, it is actually less expensive to hire an attorney to represent you from the beginning.

The case currently on my mind involves a mother who is trying to regain custody of her two children. When she first filed for dissolution of her marriage, she had an attorney. She did not keep the attorney on the case because she felt she couldn't afford him. She completed the case on her own. However, the language used in the Judgment was crucial and mistakes were made. Now, two years later, changes need to be made. I am convinced that what my client is having to pay me, post-judgment, to correct this mistake is far in excess what the original attorney would have charged to prepare the Judgment.

For example, and not related to the case I've mentioned, are even "small" things such as, three-day weekends, off-track time, the children's schedules, conflicting vacations, transportation, etc. Not to mention "big" things such as the changing needs of the children and limiting the distance where people can live.

Keep in mind that we cannot predict the future. A family law attorney can help you prepare for contingencies that you may not have thought about, or would even know to think about. Our children are important to us and because of that, we want to do what is best for them. Well, that shouldn't stop with the dissolution of your marriage. The children are necessarily an important part of the divorce and their future is ultimately at stake. Don't mess it up!

Choosing a Family Law Attorney

When choosing an attorney it is important to look at a couple of things, not just what appears in their advertisement. Make certain your attorney is qualified. The State Bar of California actually certifies attorneys in certain areas of the law as being experts in their area of practice. Those attorneys who qualify as experts in their field are called "Specialists." Family law is one of the areas of practice in which the State Bar designates an attorney as a Specialist if they have met certain criteria. A Family Law Specialist is required to take extensive training in their field, pass a rigorous bar exam (in addition to the exam they took to become an attorney), demonstrate that they have had an extensive amount of litigated court matters and that they have been practicing family law for a number of years. They must also pass a review of their peers and of Judges they have appeared in front of as a family law attorney. In other words, passing the additional bar exam is not enough. An attorney who is a specialist truly must demonstrate that they are an expert in their field.

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